One of the safest and most effective ways to prevent bedsores formation is by using specially designed wedge pillows cushion for bed.

Intro: Bedsores, also known as pressure sores, are serious conditions that plague mostly ailing and immobile people. The bones of the body continuously pressurize the skin and tissue against an external surface, on weight-bearing parts of the body. When this continues for extremely long periods of time without relieving pressure, bedsores are formed.

Those bedridden may develop bedsores almost anywhere on their body, although they typically develop below the waist. An individual may experience pain in the hips, shoulders, elbows, base of the spine, knees, ankles, heels, or even between the fingers and toes.

Wedge Pillow Cushions  are often used by caregivers to manage pressure sores.


A person who remains in the same position for a prolonged period of time may be at risk. Those who develop pressure sores may experience the following symptoms –

  • Spend prolonged periods of time sitting or lying in bed
  • Prosthetic or surgical appliances
  • Wear shoes or clothing that are ill-fitting

A lack of blood circulation to specific body parts can cause tissues and blood vessels to become compressed and distorted, resulting in damage causing bedsores. Poor circulation can also contribute to the risk of tissue death and infection. A sore may occur due to a brief period of high pressure or a prolonged period of low pressure.

Causes of Pressure Sores

When someone is bedridden, they’re under constant and unrelieved pressure due to a lack of mobility. If you sit or lie on a seat or bed for long periods, your body may experience excessive pressure on bony prominences. A common pressure point on the body is near the tailbone (sacrum), hip bone areas, and ankle and heel areas. You’re less likely to get shingles on your elbows, spine, ribs, and the back of your head.

Friction can also cause pressure sores if your skin rubs against another surface or when two layers of skin slide against one another, and this can damage the tissue underneath. This may occur when you slide down in a chair or are transferred from a bed to a stretcher. When you have a lot of moisture on your skin, it can soften and reduce its resistance, leading to pressure sores. Incontinence of urine or feces may cause this along with excessive perspiration.

The presence of the following factors can make us more prone to bedsores:

  • Older than 65 years
  • Being immobile
  • Idleness
  • Urinary or fecal incontinence
  • Lack of nutrition

 or malnutrition

  • Dropping levels of consciousness
  • Weight loss
  • Excessive smoking
  • Taking steroid medication
  • Dried-out skin

An individual is also at risk of developing pressure sores if they have the following medical conditions:

  • Severe iron deficiency i.e. anemia
  • Underlying infection
  • Fluid retention
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Brain injury
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Alcoholism
  • Fractures
  • Malignancies
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Irregular veins

Bedsore Prevention Guide

Treatment of pressure ulcers depends on their severity. Bedsores can be treated by changing your position regularly, using special mattresses to relieve pressure, and wearing dressings. Sometimes surgery is necessary, and it’s an inconvenience that requires basic nursing care for some people. They can sometimes be serious and cause life-threatening complications, like blood poisoning.

Here’s what can help heal pressure ulcers and keep them from getting worse:

  • Dressings that can speed up the healing process and relieve pressure
  • Moving around and changing your position regularly
  • Including static foam mattresses and dynamic mattresses with pumps to keep the air flowing
  • Make sure you eat healthy, balanced food
  • Debridement (cleaning wounds and removing damaged tissue)
  • More severe cases might require surgery to remove damaged tissue and close the wound.

One of the safest and most effective ways to prevent bedsores formation is by using specially designed pillow cushions.

Let us explore some of the most popular pillows for bedsores:

#1) Jewell Nursing Solutions Bedsore Rescue Turning Wedge

A Bedsore Rescue Cushion provides the most effective 30-degree turn support. This cushion for bed sores has rounded ends and a convex curve, making it the only wedge on the market with a 30-degree lateral angle. Bedsore Rescue cushions offer full back and hip support while avoiding sacrum and coccyx. Their ergonomic shape supports muscle alignment without twisting and provides long-term stability by providing full back and hip support.


  • Bedsore Rescue Wedge gets you the best 30-degree turn possible.
  • It’s made with the most advanced medical fabric technology.
  • Those with severe skin fragility or in clean environments should use this.
  • This turning wedge prevents the tailbone from touching the resting surface while relieving pressure on the spine, distributing weight evenly, and preventing direct contact with the sacral/coccyx area.
  • It keeps the spine supported when you’re stationary for a while.


Bedsore Rescue Cushion Non-Skid is designed to fit perfectly under you so that you do not have to worry about it being too big, too small, too stiff, or too soft. It holds a stable position, stabilizes, and maintains your posture at all times. If you are sleeping on the wedge, you will not be pushed against the side or have to stuff pillows or change to soft pillows repeatedly. A gentle offloading position relieves pressure on the spine, sacrum, and coccyx by fully supporting the person at an angle that aligns with their spine. A stable and ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use.

#2)  Pillow Wedge for Sleeping After Surgery Bed

The wedge bed pillow features an R shape that promotes circulation to the heart, relieves respiratory problems, and relieves back pain, according to somatotype theory. This pillow is a treatment for home care. The pillow allows you to turn over, change posture, improve leg blood circulation, and support pregnant women’s bellies. It is a great pillow for acid reflux, poor circulation, allergies, and other conditions that make breathing difficult while lying supine. The pillow is ideal for side sleepers and those recovering from injuries, as it provides sufficient pressure to prevent separation. The waterproof fabric prevents liquids (such as urine) from leaking out.


  • It helps patients change their posture, lift their legs passively, and improve blood circulation.
  • It also supports pregnant women’s bellies and lets them sleep peacefully.
  • Lie at a right angle supine to relax your neck, improve circulation and allergies, and breathe easier.
  • Reduces back pain by reducing pressure.
  • It helps with injuries and post-surgery recovery when used with blanket lifts.


Need a lift? With this versatile pillow, you’ll always have the support you need. As you move, it relieves pressure on your back and legs, providing constant support whether you’re lying down or standing up. Cooling gel and an antimicrobial cover ensure that bacteria do not grow on the cushion. Whether your day (or night) is full of adventures or just relaxing, this wedge pillow comes in an eco-friendly fabric made from recycled materials. It has a one-year limited warranty, so you will sleep better and enjoy more upbeat days.

#3) Body Side Wedge Pillow for Sleeping Waterproof Bed Wedges

A waterproof inner prevents the foam from being penetrated or stained by various substances, such as urine, stool, or water. You can wipe the pillow core directly with disinfectant towels if necessary. The comfort wedge pillow is encased in a removable pillow cover that is super-breathable and can be washed at home. Its dense foam construction will not deform over time and conform to your body’s shape. The body positioner comes compressed, so it takes 24 to 48 hours to recover its original shape. Hundreds of non-slip silica gel grip dots are on the bottom of the body positioner, which increases friction. It will not fall out of the bed or fall to the ground, so you can use it confidently.


  • Bed wedge pillows provide back and leg support, allowing the patient to roll comfortably from side to side.
  • This treatment can help with back pain.
  • Suitable for elderly people, bedridden people, handicapped people, and people with lower limb fractures.
  • Perfect for pregnant women.
  • You can use it in your seating to support your lumbar, back, and belly.


There is no doubt that this bedsore pad is the best way to solve positional sleep apnea. It has been designed to prevent pressure sores, so the angle is ideal – it is not too upright but just a slight tilt to prevent pressure sores. There are two flat sides with 90-degree angles and one concave side with one knife-point edge and one blunt edge on the open side. The flat sides are ideal for bedridden individuals, who may bend sideways while lying down, causing a crick in their necks. This pillow has a thin edge that can be wedged into any corner of your room. A blunt edge can be used as an elevation tool, and a concave edge will allow you to maintain your position.


Wedge pillows are designed such that the positional angle is ideal – it is not too upright but just a slight tilt to prevent pressure sores. There is no doubt that bedsore pads and pillow cushions are highly effective in the prevention and management of pressure sores. However, it is best to seek medical help to understand how to use these pillows for maximum comfort.

Disclaimer: Content provided on this website is for information purposes only, and should not be treated as professional medical advice. In case of any health concerns, you should get in touch with a registered medical practitioner.